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Friday, March 18, 2016


March Madness is in full swing which generally turns our attention to basketball, but a quick note today about hockey. This is a big date in Michigan Hockey history, as it was on this date in 1994 that UM Coach Red Berenson pleaded guilty to drunk driving, after originally being arrested for indecent exposure and pissing on the library wall.

What's that? A Wolverine Coach behaving below legal standards? How could this be? His name isn't Gary Moeller, is it?

In case you didn't know about this, we bring you the news, two decades after the fact. And don't blame yourself for not finding evidence on your own, as the UM faithful have scrubbed the Internet nearly clean of any record of his arrest. We can find glancing references in comments and blogs, but the main reports are much more difficult to locate. Berenson must have a strong cyber-team working on his behalf.

So we turn to the Michigan Daily for a review of the situation:

"On the night of March 16, 1994, as Berenson left Banfield's Bar and Grill in Ann Arbor, a police officer was watching from across the street. The officer watched as Berenson first urinated outside next to a wall of the public library, then got in his car and put it in reverse. Berenson had gone about 20 feet before the officer stopped him and arrested him for drunken driving and urinating in public.
"And suddenly, like never before, Red Berenson was a front-page story. And so was the Michigan hockey program.
"The charges were eventually reduced to "driving while visibly impaired." 

Sure, some might say, "nobody's perfect", and that's exactly our point. The University of Michigan isn't perfect, either, no matter how many incidents they may sweep under the carpet or scrub from the Internet. Right, Brendan Gibbons?

So we bring you these FACTS to help you understand the true nature of the U-of-M. They are just about like anybody else that you would find anywhere else. They do some things well, but they also screw up and even get caught now and again. THEY ARE NOT "SPECIAL" BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT DIFFERENTThey are just another school, and they should be viewed and treated accordingly.

 ****** The purpose of this web site is to expose the mainstream media bias that consistently portrays Michigan in a favorable light under any and all circumstances. We present current facts and review historical records to show that UM is not all they are cracked up to be. This process involves information that is negative by nature, offered as a counter-balance to the biased picture we all see on a regular basis in the mainstream media. These negative facts may involve Wolverine teams, players, coaches, administrators, and/or fans. We are here to prove that Michigan is NOT AS DIFFERENT as they want us all to believe.

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