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Tuesday, March 1, 2016


If you look up Michigan Men's Basketball in the standings you will see their season record listed as "20-10". So it appears as if John Beilein has followed-up from last year's "16-16" record with a 20-win season, right? NOT SO FAST, MY FRIENDS!

The Wolverines are  misrepresenting their season record for the second year in a row. You may recall that last year, UM played Hillsdale College and counted their (inevitable and unimpressive) win as a regular-season victory. But we have exhaustively shown that any game played by any Division One team against Hillsdale would have to be counted as an EXHIBITION GAME since Hillsdale is a Division Two program. That move tricked the sports media into reporting the Michigan season record last year as "16-16", rather than the accurate count of 15-16.

John Beilein is up to his old tricks again. His team played an exhibition game in November against Northern Michigan, another Division Two program. Of course, they won. But they counted the game as a regular-season victory, allowing them to now claim 20 wins instead of the actual 19 games they won against Division One teams. They may yet win 20, but they haven't at this point.

Don't believe me? Look at the screen-shots below, taken from a variety of legitimate sports-media web-sites that respect the NCAA's view of the matter. According to ultimate the ruling body, Michigan has 19 wins right now, not 20.

ESPN "DAILY RPI" Rankings List (3-1-16)

"REAL TIME RPI" Rankings List (3-1-16)

"SAGARIN" Rankings List (3-1-16)


 ****** The purpose of this web site is to expose the mainstream media bias that consistently portrays Michigan in a favorable light under any and all circumstances. We present current facts and review historical records to show that UM is not all they are cracked up to be. This process involves information that is negative by nature, offered as a counter-balance to the biased picture we all see on a regular basis in the mainstream media. These negative facts may involve Wolverine teams, players, coaches, administrators, and/or fans. We are here to prove that Michigan is NOT AS DIFFERENT as they want us all to believe.

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