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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


March Madness hits everybody in different ways. People play hooky on game days, they bet too much, they drink too much, they yell too much, etc. It's a crazy time of year.

Down in Ann Arbor, the local football team had another scrimmage scheduled for Saturday afternoon. We don't know if they were planning to count that event as another "game" that they "won" for the "all-time wins record", but guess what? They decided to bag it, and head to Indianapolis instead.

UM Athletic Director Buddy Hackett explained.

"We like to support the conference, even in years that we stink it up, you know? It's great to see Wisconsin in the Final Four, but what really floats our boat is when we see Michigan State on the big stage. We're related to them, did you know that?"

Hackett says MSU and his school are like sisters, or brothers, or something that Desmond Howard once said. So it's a matter of family pride to support the Spartans.

"Plus, when you think about it, who wants to watch our guys try to play football, especially against each other? Haven't we all seen enough of that crap to last awhile? Did I mention we have a women's softball team?"

Many of the Wolverine football players will be riding down to Indy in a Beer Wagon driven by Graham Glasgow, a guy who knows how to have a good time. Others are planning to reunite with former UM player Taylor Lewan, who says he's looking to "kick some Wildcat ass" while visiting the Circle City.

So don't worry if you didn't get tickets for the free event scheduled for Michigan Stadium on Saturday afternoon. You can still go there and hang out and think about the good old days, like the late 1800s, when UM Rugby, er, I mean, "football" reigned supreme.

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