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Thursday, April 9, 2015


We all know someone who roots for the University of Michigan and IS NOT A "chUMp". Indeed, we addressed that part of reality years ago in this descriptive article. Sometimes the classy (or at least "reasonable") UM fan is an alumnus, sometimes not. There are exceptions to every rule.

Now we have yet another opportunity to separate the decent folks from the chUMps. After several years of jaw-jacking and lip-flapping about their great team, their great coach, and their great program, the Wolverine fan-base was left with a season that makes dumpster-diving look like fun by comparison. Rather than taking it in stride, and/or with class, the majority of UM-lovers have resorted to taking crap-shots at Michigan State and Tom Izzo.

They claim affiliation with an institution that
prides itself on dignity and class, but they
tarnish that school and themselves with
their low-ball mud-slinging.

The chUMps would be well-served to follow MY EXAMPLE. Just last week on this web site, I offered my heartfelt congratulations to both the men's basketball team and the women's basketball team at Michigan. Sure, those teams didn't do much this year, finishing in 8th-place and 9th-place in the conference standings. But I picked out some great aspects to their teams and their programs and tipped my hat to them for the things they do well.

"They respect us in every game by trying like crazy to beat us, and they have given us all we could handle in nearly every game for many recent years. Their players bring their "A-Game" against MSU repeatedly, and they have some good talent. The current coach has been recruiting well, so I'm expecting a continued struggle to win against them on a consistent basis."
-SpartanMan82 (April 2, 2015)

"You have to love a Spike Albrecht, coming out of nowhere to hit big shots and have big games. Great to see them having to rely on walk-ons like the rest of us. Overall, it seems like Michigan has a better team under Beilein than his immediate predecessors (though we haven't done the math on that yet, and we will). He seems to be a pretty good coach."
-SpartanMan82 (April 3, 2015)

Can you imagine what they might sound like if they showed any class or self-respect, instead of blathering on with some nonsense about their great past and equally great future? Be sure to respond in kind to any Michigan fans who show dignity, as they are indeed a rare breed.

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