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Saturday, April 18, 2015


Michigan fans claim the "All-Time Wins Record" in COLLEGE FOOTBALL, yet they count multitudes of outdoor events that may not actually have been what anybody today would think of as a COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAME. We've talked about this in the past, but now we've drawn a line in the turf and made a commitment to expose this egregious fallacy.

The UM lead - - - according to them - - - is 34 games over their arch-non-rival Notre Dame. So we're looking for 35 bogus games to debunk their fanciful theories. So far, we've got 10 fake wins summarized in these two articles (click click). Now we list five more:

1883 vs Detroit Independents Athletic Club - Event Date - March 12, 1883
The Wolverines were 1-4 in 1883 (which was one more win than they had the previous year, when they didn't play any games). They also only had one home game, and this was the one, as they put the hurt on an un-named group of guys with no historical record to review. There is no information available about this opponent, suggesting it was a pick-up team of untrained players.

1884 vs University Club of Chicago -  Event Date - November 22, 1884
The University Club of Chicago is a private social club and is not affiliated with the University Of Chicago varsity squad. This opponent was likely a pick-up team of untrained players without a coach who never practiced together before game-day.

This opponent came from a high school (prep school) that began competing against other Chicago-area high school rugby teams in 1888. That's one year after this "game" against Michigan. So this "game" was played against high-schoolers who had not yet started a football program.

1892 vs Michigan Athletic Association - Event Date - October 8, 1892
This opponent appears to be another pick-up team of untrained players. There is no information about the "M.A.A." except that it was located in Detroit. There is no reason to believe that this was a "college football team" by any definition. The Wolverines "won" by a score of 74-0.

1892 vs Michigan Athletic Association - Event Date - October 12, 1892
Just four days after shellacking this rag-tag group of pick-up players, the Michigan folks decided it was time for another "game" against them, and beat them again, this time 68-0. In less than one week, UM found a way to claim two college football victories. Hoo-hah, go blue, eh?

No reasonable review could conclude that the events
listed above were COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAMES
that should be counted as part of an
"All-Time Wins Record" for college football.

We have now identified fifteen (15) bogus wins on the Michigan all-time record. Subtracting these record-keeping errors would leave them with a 19-game lead over the Irish. But we're not done yet! Stay tuned, and watch this web site for more information de-bunking the wild wolverine dreams.

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