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Friday, April 3, 2015


The John Beilein Era has reached eight years in Ann Arbor, and we salute him for his accomplishments as Head Coach at Michigan. He has certainly tightened things up since the Brian Ellerbe Era. Not quite as warm and fuzzy as Tommy Amaker, but apparently equally as clean. Maybe a bit of a robot, but Beilein is pleasant enough (when he's not whining about games starting 15 minutes too late on a "school night").

Beilein has had five winning seasons out of his eight at UM, plus the B1G Conference Title and the Final Four. He's showed his teams how to hang around and get in position for a three-minute run at the end, often winning those close come-from-behind games. He won quite a few super-close games against MSU, especially in recent years.

You have to love a Spike Albrecht, coming out of nowhere to hit big shots and have big games. Great to see them having to rely on walk-ons like the rest of us. Overall, it seems like Michigan has a better team under Beilein than his immediate predecessors (though we haven't done the math on that yet, and we will). He seems to be a pretty good coach.

Nothing suggests Beilein is "better than" Tom Izzo, and expecting the old apple-picker to make the hall-of-fame is a bit of a stretch when you consider how many coaches are in line ahead of him. But you can't blame the blue-bloods for taking a shine to Johnny B.

So there. We summed it up and gave credit where due and we didn't have to rag on them or mock them or point out their stupidity. Can they do the same for us?

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