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Friday, April 17, 2015


It's always cool when a college or university sets up a "mentoring program", in which students at the institution of higher learning can interact with and teach younger people the things they need to know at the next level and the things they have learned in school. It's a great way for the educational system to advance society.

At Michigan, in the late 1800s, they had such a system in the athletic department, and it was used to teach younger folks about a modified rugby game that was gaining popularity. These were the transition years between traditional rugby as played in England, and the modern college football game we know today. The UM team would get together with kids and show them how to play the new-fangled sport.

Nothing wrong with that, eh? Seems cool enough. Older kids getting together with younger kids, sharing their knowledge for the benefit of all.

But at UM, they count the exhibition practices with the high school kids as regulation college football victories!

WE KID YOU NOT. Apparently Don Canham showed up 50 years ago and decided to re-interpret those events, adding them up as part of the so-called "All-Time Wins Record" in college football. In case you haven't heard about or seen evidence of these BOGUS GAMES, we list  them below:

1891 vs ANN ARBOR HIGH SCHOOL:  Event Date - October 10, 1891
Ann Arbor High School eventually became Ann Arbor Pioneer High School. The first recorded football league title for Ann Arbor Pioneer was in 1950, six decades after they "lost in football" to Michigan.

1896 vs GRAND RAPIDS HIGH SCHOOL - Event Date - October 10, 1896
There are no significant details available from this game.

Look at these other events, also counted by Michigan as regulation college football "victories":

1885 vs WINDSOR RUGBY TEAM - Event Date - November 7, 1885
On November 7, 1885, Michigan officially began its season with an 8–2 victory over the Windsor team from the Ontario Rugby Football Union (ORFU). The game was played in Windsor, Ontario, under Canadian rules.

1885 vs WINDSOR RUGBY TEAM - Event Date - November 14, 1885
The game was played under American rules, putting the Canadians at a disadvantage. The Windsor team had sent a telegram canceling the game, but the president of the Michigan Rugby Association traveled to Windsor on the morning of the game, and "a team was picked up, somewhat inferior to the team which met our boys last week."

The Peninsular Cricket Club began as a cricket club but it had evolved into the city's leading all-purpose athletic club, featuring baseball, tennis, and bicycling. In 1887, it would become part of the new Detroit Athletic Club.

You can see that Wolverine Historians are throwing everything they can into pumping up this so-called "All-Time Wins Record".

Who among us believes that these "events"
are worthy of rank as COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAMES?

If we subtract these five "wins" from the inflated total, along with the five "wins" over the Detroit Athletic Club, UM loses 10 games from their list, decreasing their "all-time lead" down to 25 games. We will continue to show you some of the more ridiculous game-claims this weekend.

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