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Friday, April 3, 2015


You may as well get ready for it now. You can tell it's coming and it's always on the way. Whenever something doesn't go quite right for Michigan State, the "Walmart Walverines" come out of the closet and start throwing trash at anything green and white.

It doesn't matter the circumstances, forget the facts, never mind the historical context, if they can dream up some crap to throw, you may as well duck because it's coming our way.

Michigan Fans are a rare breed.
They ignore factual reality, preferring to live
in their own self-made kingdom of selective perceptions.

We all know how they like to dig back to the Era of Reconstruction to count up their "football victories", even though college football as a sport came of age after World War Two. They ignore their own dirty laundry, from Chris Webber and Ed Martin to their free-pissing Hockey Coach. But if an MSU player gets a parking ticket, or tries to move his car from one spot to another to avoid getting a parking ticket, it's capital punishment time for Sparty.

So despite three upset wins (by seed) and a massive re-structuring of the national rankings, if Duke wins on Saturday night, the hailstorm of critical chatter and moronic mockery will begin to rain on Spartan Nation from those who wear yellow pants.

You can get ready to duck, since you know it's coming, or you can do something else. You can fight back. Not with your fists or your guns, with with your words. Let facts be your ammunition and reason be your weapon. Be the person who knows more about reality, and don't fall for any chUMp tricks.

We created this web site to help Spartans to help themselves when it comes to the ongoing verbal warfare between US and THEM. You can find hundreds of data-points and statistical trend-lines and historical facts right here on this web site, and you can use them to stand up to Weasel Wannabes.

We don't need to take their CRAP any longer.

We can look them in the eyes and
let them have a shot of reality.

We can "Stand and Fight".

We may beat Duke, we may even win on Monday night. But as soon as we fall, no matter how far we've run the race, the chUMps will come out from under their rocks and start throwing crap at us. Get ready for it!

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