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Thursday, March 5, 2015


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  1. Just like football, eh?

    American Medical 1904
    Ann Arbor High School 1891
    Carlisle Indian Industrial School 1901 (never part of NCAA)
    Camp Grant 1943 (military base)
    Case Institute of Technology (27 games between 1894 and 1923) ***
    Chicago Harvard Club 1887
    Cleveland Athletic Association 1891
    Detroit Athletic Club 5 games (1888 to 1895) *
    Detroit Independents Athletic Club 1882
    Grand Rapids High School 1896
    Great Lakes Naval Traing Station 1942, 1945 (military base)
    Iowa Navy Pre-Flight 1942, 1944 (3 month training camp located at the University of Iowa)
    Lake Forest/Rush Medical 1893. Lake Forest (not Rush Medical) is in the Midwest Conference, Division III. UM Played Lake Forest in 1896.
    Michigan Athletic Association 1892 (2 games)
    Michigan Alumni 4 games (1897 to 1906)
    Michigan Military Academy 3 games (1894, 1895)
    Pennisular Club 1885
    Physicians & Surgeons 2 games (1896, 1904)
    Quantico Marines 1923 (military base)
    Stevens Tech (NJ) 1883 SIT is now in the Empire 8 Athletic Conference, Division III
    University Club of Chicago 4 games (1884 to 1891) **
    Windsor Club 1885 (2 games)
    Western Reserve (Prep School) 3 games (1895 to 1899)

    * The Detroit Athletic Club is a private social club and is not affiliated with the University of Detroit.

    ** The University Club of Chicago is a private social club and is not affiliated with the University Of Chicago varsity squad, but was only a club sport for those games.

    *** Case Institute of Technology became Case Western Reserve University in 1967, which fields the Spartans in President's Athletic Conference and the Eastern College Arthletic Conference in Division III.

  2. HA HA, 76, you're killin' me! Hoo Hah! What you just did is about exactly what I was cooking up to do next. I've been planning to hold a "tournament" in which several of us each take a list of about 20 ridiculous "games" that they count in football, and we put them in order of stupidity and vote on them each week to make the all-time Top 20 of hilarious UM "football wins".

    You've just given us a great start on that! Other guys, please take a look at this list, and think about which "games" you want to rank as the dUMbest of them all. We'll get to that after March Madness......


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