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Sunday, March 15, 2015


Reality is beginning to settle down upon the Michigan Basketball team. People are gradually starting to notice that they have a bogus "win" on their record. Their contest against Hillsdale should be considered an EXHIBITION GAME, the same as it was when Hillsdale played Michigan State four years ago. But UM officials continue to try to pull the wool over people's eyes by claiming it as a legitimate Division One victory.
Without the Hillsdale "win", Michigan is
below .500 this season, with a record of 15-16.

While a record below .500 does not technically disqualify any team from consideration for the National Invitational Tournament, the N.I.T. traditionally does not invite such teams. The Wolverine Brass are simply trying to trick their way into post-season play.

Just about all of the sports media are taking the duping in stride, writing every article with the bogus record listed at 16-16. We were pleased to note that Brendan Quinn of M-Live at least referenced the true fact of the matter in his post-game story on Friday. Now we have found another courageous journalist, willing to stand up to the Blue Beast and tell the truth.

ROD BEARD of the Detroit News
Michigan does not actually have a "winning record" this season.

Congratulations to Rod Beard for following
the guidelines of his profession by telling the truth.

By contrast, Mark Synder of the Free Press continues to regurgitate the pap he is spoon-fed by his Yellow Masters, as he consistently refers to the UM season record as 16-16, ignoring the obvious scam that he is helping to perpetuate. We wish Mr. Snyder would get a clue and try to be real, like Brendan Quinn and Rod Beard. We will keep watching for him to do so.

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