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Monday, March 2, 2015


This week our focus turns to Women's Basketball, as Michigan State and Michigan will meet for the third time this season in the conference tournament. Thursday's game offers UM the virtually unprecedented opportunity to sweep MSU, a feat they have never accomplished. It's also a chance for the Wolverines to knock the Spartans out of the league tourney, another thing that's never ever happened.

Before we get too revved-up for that rivalry match-up, let's take a look back to the not-so-distant past, when the Michigan Women's Basketball Coach was an absolute Freak-of-Nature. His name is Kevin Borseth, and he put on a rant that would curdle your coffee only seven years ago after losing to Wisconsin.

Borseth was hired with one mission: To beat Michigan State. He did that in his first game against Suzy Merchant, then proceeded to lose the next eleven games as the series careened wildly in the direction of Lady Sparty. He never beat MSU again, leaving the mess in Ann Arbor just about how he found it.

Borseth is distinguished by the fact that he was not fired by UM, rather, he left on his own accord. And he returned to the job that he held before getting hired by Michigan, making those Wolverine basketball years a meaningless road trip to nowhere.

This article includes several links to his rant that fateful day in March*, and here it is again (below):

Borseth's departure led to the hiring of the current women's basketball coach, a younger, prettier lady who really likes to show off her studly arms. You will get another chance to see her bulky shoulders on Thursday, or really, on any gameday ever. She really loves her arms!

*In the interests of editorial accuracy, the actual date of this meltdown was February 28, but we didn't publish
over the weekend, so we bring it to you today. We will use the correct publish date next year.

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