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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


The regular season of college basketball is over, and we can take at look now at the updated win-loss totals in B1G Conference play over the past several seasons. The list below includes regular season games played during the last eight seasons for both men's and women's basketball.

We started to look back at the combined program totals last year as a means of dealing with the "six-out-of-eight" crowd, those Michigan fans who were doing verbal back-flips at every opportunity to celebrate their team's short series of close wins over Michigan State. We didn't know what we would find when we started, but we have learned that MSU has been on top of the league in basketball for quite some time.

The first time-span we calculated was three years, as that was the exact span over which UM fans were frothing at the mouth. That first list is here. We continued the process until, quite frankly, it looked like the Spartan programs were not the "winningest", and we stopped there. (Interestingly, the span of dominance coincides exactly with the hiring of Suzy Merchant to coach the women's team.) Links for the four-year through seven-year time-frame are at the bottom of this post.

So it hasn't been a great year for Spartan Basketball, on either side of the ledger, but Michigan State remains atop the list. The Men's and Women's Basketball programs at MSU have won more games (combined) than any other school in the conference over the past eight years.

B1G Basketball Regular Season Records: 2008-2015
  1. 189-91    MICHIGAN STATE*****
  2. 186-94    OHIO STATE******
  3. 166-114   PURDUE*
  4. 155-125   WISCONSIN***
  5. 147-133   IOWA
  6. 141-139   MICHIGAN**
  7. 124-156   MINNESOTA
  8. 117-163   PENN STATE***
  9. 109-171   ILLINOIS
  10. 106-174   INDIANA
  11.   90-190  NORTHWESTERN

  • 32-4      MARYLAND (one season)
  • 69-69    NEBRASKA (four seasons)
  • 14-22    RUTGERS (one season)
*conference championships

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