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Monday, March 2, 2015


We were pleased to report the end of the Michigan Men's Basketball "mini-run", and consequently, the end of Michigan fans making outrageous claims about their dominance over Michigan State. Okay, not all of the claims those funny people make have ended, but at least those about their great Saint John. Beilein is a good coach, perhaps very good, but he's definitely not on the level of our own Tom Izzo.

UM is facing a non-entry to the NCAA Tournament this year, which is hardly the signature of an "elite program". The Wolverines would need to win both games this week, then add two more (at least) in the conference tournament next week. It is likely that a loss in either regular season game this week will close the door on the Wolverines, barring an automatic bid that comes with the league tourney championship.

Many have already called them "out" for 2015, but you never know, right? So here are a few resources for you to track their impending demise over the next week or so.

  • The SAGARIN RANKINGS show Michigan ranked #75, which, if accurate, would be well outside the range needed for an at-large bid to the Big Dance.

Meanwhile, the Michigan Women's Basketball team, scheduled to play Michigan State on Thursday, is on the bubble for the NCAA tournament, currently listed as one of the "first four out" by ESPN. So an MSU victory over UM on Thursday would be damaging to their bid to make the Big Dance, and would even open the crazy possibility of the two teams meeting a fourth time this season in the NIT.

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