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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Consider how the focus changed the narrative this season on the Michigan men's basketball team. They started in the Top 25, with a team goal of defending the regular season conference championship and making a run to the Final Four. And of course, they were planning to beat Michigan State two or three times along the way.

Now everybody's wondering if they can even make it back to the NCAA Tournament. Well, not the UM reporter for M-Live, who went on record this week to say the prospects of Michigan heading to the Big Dance was "a castle in the air surrounded by an alligator-filled moat". Huh? You mean no more trash-talking by Big Sister?

Crunch-time continues tonight for the Always Young Wolverines, who will take on a Northwestern team determined to make the post-season, even if it's the N.I.T. And it looks like the loser tonight will have little recourse other than the highly improbable league tournament championship.

Both teams are one game under .500 right now, with two games to play. Whoever loses will therefore be two games below .500 with one game to play. It's been very well reported that the N.I.T. no longer takes teams with less than a .500 record.

So basically, a .500 season record is
virtually on the line tonight in Evanston.

A Michigan loss would leave the Wolverines with
a very narrow path to qualify for the N.I.T.

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