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Sunday, April 7, 2013


Turns out the University of Michigan isn't so "special" after all. Their students, their faculty, their campus, their fans; its all about the same as you would find anywhere else. They are just another school, not much more, not much less.

The proof in the pudding Saturday night came with the stereotypical student couch burnings, a behavior that happens in many places, perhaps in  response to a team win or a team loss, or maybe just because it was getting to be Springtime and that old sofa just had to go.

No big deal, you say? Well, you're right, it's not a very big deal. Except when it happens at Michigan State University, and the wolverine-loving sports media drum it up as the 12th sign of the Apocalypse. When students burn their old love-seats in East Lansing, task-forces are formed, emergency web-sites are created, and a manhunt is launched to bring the evil-doers to justice. In Ann Arbor, the same thing happens and there are no arrests.

Ann Arbor, as you may remember, is the town that for many years sponsored the annual "Naked Mile", another springtime event during which hundreds of folks would strip down and run around together, all without fear of arrest, prosecution, and imprisonment. They've been known to do a few other things around town as well.

Try any of these things around the MSU campus, and you will be headed directly to jail (do not pass "Go" and do not collect $200).

Do I think these things threaten human civilization as we know it? Not so much. They don't bother me, especially when nobody gets hurt. But several female students at MSU were arrested and publicly shamed for lifting their t-shirts up to their necks for a few seconds in 1999, even though it caused no harm.

The double-standard against Spartans continues unabated. Keep your eyes peeled for whatever happens after the game on Monday night, regardless of who wins and loses. Let's see if folks at the other school get the same treatment that folks get in Spartan Country.


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  1. Probably was Spartan fans.

  2. Dear "Anonymous",

    It's great to have you with us, adding your comments to our articles. You represent chUMp nation very well. Please consider logging in with a screen name such as "Mister chUMp" or "Little Boy Blue", as that would help readers understand your background and motivation.

    You are doing so much to help define our mission. Please return often and add comments when you feel you are reasonably coherent. That may not be often, but we appreciate your efforts.


  3. The Lansing area is just a little more conservative then Ann Arbor.. That's why MSU students get charged here more often for things UM students get away with... How about just concentrate on your studies, get your degree and get to work... Then you can retire at 53 (like I did) and spend the rest of your life kicking back and laughing at the little people working themselves to death everyday....

  4. Anonymous - I do think there is something to the difference in how the two police departments deal with various incidences as well as how the media covers them.

    Congratulations on your financial success. It's something most us strive to realize. I just would like you to consider two things. The first is that there are plenty of people who work very long and hard hours who don't achieve financial freedom. We are free to pursue that level success and for that I am grateful. That pursuit is no guarantee of achieving it even if one follows the recommended formula - so on we work! The second idea I'd ask you to think about is this: Referring to those who have not achieved what you have defined as success as "little people" does not reflect well on you or the many generous and compassionate people who have achieved financial freedom. Uplift others through the blessings you have received. It goes a lot further...

    Thanks for coming to the site. Please come back often. There are dozens of links to Spartan articles, updated real time, at the bottom of the page.

    Go Green!


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