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Monday, April 22, 2013


Most Americans are still trying to get over what happened a week ago at the Boston Marathon. We now know that the key to cracking the case was the use of strategically placed video surveillance cameras on the streets of Boston near the scene of the heinous crime.

We won't open a debate on this web site about the appropriateness or necessity of such cameras in all public places, but we can sure agree that some places should be covered by "cop cameras". Without them in Boston, the terrorists might still be on the loose.

A lesser crime was perpetrated last weekend against Michigan State University by cowards from the University of Michigan, when the famous "Sparty" statue was attacked and vandalized sometime during the night before the MSU Football Green-and-White scrimmage. This is a repeated criminal activity sponsored by the elitist Bluebloods who claim to be the consummate manifestation of God's perfection on earth. They think they can do no wrong, and when they lose in a sporting event, they claim they were wronged in some way, shape or form.

These are the hypocrites who verbally attack Spartan Nation in every manner possible, even physically in these cases. Then they laugh it off as if was just a silly joke that went over our heads.

A few years ago, an organized team of chUMp cowards staged a pre-dawn attack on our Sparty statue during the week before MSU played UM in football, only to be repelled by a better organized defensive unit comprised of Spartan Marching Band members. In this case, the weasels attacked with paint-guns from the darkness of the Dem Hall field, and were defeated and subdued by the Bandos. Several of them were held for campus police and arrested, charged and convicted.

You don't hear about that incident during the U-of-M student orientation programs. New Wolverines are brainwashed into thinking that they are better than the rest of humanity, and by the time they've been in school for awhile, they actually believe it. Those who stay become Arrogant Asses.

So they did it again, but in cowardly fashion, as nobody expected the attack outside of "game week". There were no defenders on hand as the chUMps vandalized public property under the cover of darkness. What a brilliant triumph of intellectual strategy by the self-proclaimed academic superstars.

Now we know that there are no boundaries of decency, no constraints of dignity, no limits to the lengths to which the weasels may extend themselves to deface Spartan Country in their self-loathing attempts to prove they are "better than us". Time to take some more serious action.

Let's end this series of idiotic acts by protecting the Sparty statue with video surveillance cameras. Not saying they should be all over campus, not trying to invent a new line-item in the stressed-out public education budget, just saying we should put about five cameras on the light-posts around the area to dissuade the Blue Punk Group from ever doing this again, and if they do, providing the local police with necessary information to go after them as vigorously as they chase down couch-burning boys and tee-shirt lifting girls on our own campus.

As as for that guy who posted a night-time picture of the painted Sparty before any authorities even knew that it had happened, I think he has a few questions to answer. His name is BUZZ SCHNEIDER, and he tweeted his hilarious laughter about the incident at 5:00 a.m. on Saturday, while it was still dark outside. What was he doing up at 5am on Saturday morning, how does he find such a picture if he didn't do it himself, and why in the name of Fritz Crisler does he call himself "BUZZ"? The guy who represents the "Harvard of the Midwest" goes by the name "Buzz"?

That alone tells you all you need to know about the University of Michigan.

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  1. Fixing video surveillance system in public areas can helps to prevent from criminal activities happening in many country's.


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