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Thursday, April 4, 2013


After needlessly peppering Tom Izzo with questions about how devoted he should be to Michigan sports teams, our future hall-of-famer said he would be "cheering for the Spartans" while in Atlanta for the Final Four. This triggered an onslaught of criticism and abuse from trailer parks all across the state, as Amateur Einsteins wearing yellow and navy clothes jumped on our coach for supposedly not being aware of which teams actually qualified for the 2013 national semi-finals.

They want us to think he's wrong to cheer for his own team 365 days per year. They think that Tom Izzo should drop his own team the same way many chUMps turned against UM when Little Boy Blue started racking up losses in basketball and football.

Somebody should tell those chUMps it doesn't work that way in Spartan Country. When we wear green and white, we wear it forever. Through thick and thin, for better or worse. For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. In rain and snow, in the heat of the day and the gloom of the night. We will never surrender to our fear, despite the winds of change. We will never give up, even as Spartan Nation is challenged.

Tom Izzo will be "cheering for (his) Spartans" by telling media folks that he's proud of what his team did this year, as proud as he's been of most any of his 18 teams. He will lead the chorus of cheers for another great season completed, even though it didn't match our wildest dreams. He will cheer for our women's basketball program, and for the upcoming football season. He will cheer for our hockey coach, and for our baseball program.

Coach Izzo will be "cheering for the Spartans" because he is one of us, because he supports our academic and athletic missions, and he will do it in Atlanta because he does it every day. There is no game outcome that will change him in this regard, and there is no other team that will sway him to their side.

In these ways, Coach Tom Izzo is truly a Spartan, and as such he is loyal to his team. The concept of LOYALTY is just too much for some folks to comprehend.


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  1. WE want you to think it's wrong for a pathetic coach to cry about losing a recruit 20 years ago!

    But gotta give Dantonio some credit recruiting heavy on wr's then recruiting a running Qb.

  2. Anonymous is a regular reader of our blog. Does anyone know what he's talking about?

  3. He/She/It thinks that Tom Izzo is "upset about losing Chris Webber". The chUMp thinks that's the ONLY THING that Coach Izzo is referring to when he expresses disdain for Michigan.

    Speaking for all of us, let me just express how happy we are that Chris Webber went to Ann Arbor! They were a match made in Hades and they roasted each other together. To some extent, they are still turning each other over the fire.

    Michigan ran a dirty program in Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, and Baseball, and got caught in all three in various ways. Before they were caught, they were heralded as magnificent. (Except for Women's Basketball, which has always been awful at UM.) Both Men's Basketball and Baseball had to return trophies and saw the official record books revised in their sports.

    Tom Izzo ran clean against the Dirty Dozen for years, climbed uphill and overcame the yellow-shoes and their cheating administrators and players. He looks down on cheaters.

    The chUMp then threw in a parting shot about Mark Dantonio looking for quarterbacks that have some mobility. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! What about Denard Robinson? Maybe Coach Dantonio should be recruiting some useless little smurfs to run a Quarterback-Keeper offense, eh? Worked out so well for the yellow-pants.

    Glad to see the chUMps commenting on our site.

  4. Thanks SM82. I am glad we have you as our highly trained professional on staff.

  5. Never heard of this garbage site until some clown from here posted on a UM article.
    4/6/2013 2:22 PM

    Can someone tell me exactly how MSU gains a NET benefit from an Ann Arbor win this weekend (or any day of any week)? Objectively weighing all the positives and negatives, clearly this pressure, from who knows where, that the "right" thing to do is root for Michigan is flat out wrong. It did not benefit Ann Arbor to have MSU in final fours and having them their dies not benefit the Spartans in any way. The sooner the go home the better.

  6. I hope ANONYMOUS continues to post for our readers for this is why we call them chUMps. I can congratulate the hoops team from A2 for earning a trip to the national championship game. A chUMp can't say anything positive about any other institution of higher learning but their own.

    Last night I sat next to a real alum wearing that neon yellow t-shirt to watch the first game. He swore to me he didn't get it from WalMart. His first comment was that WE must really be grumbling about our coach coming so close and only winning one championship. Told him I never heard or read any of that talk and that if he did it must be coming from the Detroit media.

    Then he brought up Sue Coleman for some reason (oh, it was about Rich Rod getting screwed after reading some book). I asked if that was the same Sue Coleman who took down the banners from their last trip to the Final Four 20 years ago. Then I informed him that every player who stayed four years recruited by Izzo has been to a Final Four. For some reason I was able to watch the rest of the game in peace.


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