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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's Dawson's Team, Give Him the Rock

After a second one point gut wrenching loss to a B!G foe and our leader waiting to see how long he will out, one thing is clear.  The most athletic player on the Spartan hoops team is Brandon Dawson.  It’s time to get him the ball and see how he can lead as a freshman.  Understanding that our only senior next year will be Nix and reading about the high school talents of next year’s commitments, Dawson may be a junior when he wins his first final four.  Then the question for him will be to take the money and run or stay for a second.


With the Big Ten Championship on the line, we can’t afford any more one point losses.  Give him the rock now!!


C Mann 1979

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  1. This post ended up in the email today - over a month later. Is this a foreshadowing of today's game vs Ohio State for the championship - unshared.


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