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Friday, February 17, 2012

Spartans Receive 2013 Verbal from 4-Star Linebacker

From a Beautiful Day for Football Blog (and reported by several other sources)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Here's Your Shield Jonny Reschke

Photo Credit: 247 Sports
Jonny Reschke announced his commitment to Michigan State via Twitter this afternoon. "Just joined the Spartan family. COMMITTED TO MICHIGAN STATE!!!!". Reschke is ranked a four-star recruit by Rivals, Scoutand 247 Sports. Reschke reports offers from Michigan State and Toledo and will play Middle Linebacker for the Spartans. His commitment wasn't expected today but MSU did not take a Middle Linebacker prospect last year and the rumor was MSU was leaving this spot specifically for Reschke to become Bullough's replacement. Some idiot blogger guest writing for the Only Colors even went so far to project him as our 2015 Mike.

Obviously this early in the recruiting cycle there's no reason to get too worked up about a lack of offers. If this were August and he were rolling two offers deep I'd be a bit more concerned.

A Predictor of Future Success is YOUtube

What's to love about this kid? He sheds his blocks really well. There are several times in the two minutes of the video where a dude runs up to him and Reschke slides the kid out of his way. He seems to run to the sidelines really well and attacks through the offensive line quite nicely. Swagger, he has it. I think there is no more important place in a sport for swagger than playing defense in American football. Areas for improvement? He tackles high and doesn't always take the best angle but that's a little nitpicky. The things that matter, size, speed and swagger are all there.

Jonny Reschke was the Mike of the future probably as far back as a year ago. We've been keeping this spot warm for him and today he's taken it. He'll be a great addition to the MSU defense and I'm excited about this commitment.

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