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Friday, October 11, 2013


Today marks another great date in Michigan Football history, as the proto-wolverines squared off on the gridiron against the mighty Albion Britons, vanquishing the upstarts by a score of 56-10. The game was played only two years after tackling below the waist was legalized.

Albion was playing it's 10th game of football after taking a year off from the sport in 1889. At the time of this memorable contest, the Britons had played only four teams in their brief football history. Neither team had a Head Coach. Players did not wear uniforms with numbers, and there was no such thing as a forward pass. There was no specific requirement for the size or shape of the ball.

This is one of those great wins that the Michigan fans like to talk about so much. It reminds me of some backyard pickup games I've played in, except that we would usually pass the ball rather than use the "flying wedge", which was still legal and prevalent in 1890. Plus we didn't have an official in the backyard, while the big win over the Brits probably had one referee.

Remember "games" like this when UM fans start calling out their inflated "all-time win" numbers. Their exaggerated claims about football supremacy are based on counting these historical events as actual games.

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