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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


An increasingly common misperception found on sports web site comment threads suggests that Michigan State Football players "played dirty" against Michigan in recent games, and that claim is supposed to mean something. Unless they're saying the referees aren't making all the calls.

Hey wait, there is some evidence of missed calls on UM penalties against MSU, including in recent years. For example, these clips come from the game two years ago, the one where some folks claim the Spartans did such nasty deeds...this is a "playlist", so each of these short clips will play in order no matter which one you click: Also on that same playlist:
Here's a pretty good summary of the roots of the misperception, coming out of the game from two years ago. It marked the fourth consecutive win for MSU, hence the need for Weasel Nation to create a distraction by advancing this type of story. As for Lewan, here's some background on the guy who prides himself on playing dirty.

By the way, it's not just in football that Wolverines play so dirty, but they are caught more often in basketball. Here's some evidence of UM Basketball players getting chucked from games and suspended for "dirty play":
The Wolverines played so dirty in basketball recently that the B1G felt compelled to make an announcement about the situation:
So don't let any chUMps yank your chain this week, claiming that Spartans "play dirty", as if it's more true about MSU than any other school, including UM. They are about the same as everybody else in all things, including football.

Dirty in football, dirty in basketball, the Michigan Wolverines are surely "America's Dirty Team". 

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  1. Great stuff. I wish the press would report it.

    Note your YouTube links are not exactly correct in the above. They link to the right series of videos, but they all go to the same single video - the Taylor Lewan one. You might want to update your links.

  2. Thanks Walt - SM82 changed the text so that readers would get they will get a quick run through of clear examples that chUMps are the very "thing" they accuse the Spartans of being.

    I love this one - it's a different kind of dirty play all together, beginning with a hugely favorable mark (several feet):


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