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Thursday, October 31, 2013

chUMps versus Skunkbears

chUMps versus Skunkbears

Preface: There is no resemblance whatsoever between the wolf and the wolverine. The former is a noble beast and an ancestral relation to man's best friend. The latter is an ignoble, disgusting carrion eater that, in fact, is a skunk the size of a bear cub. Hence, when referring to those Arrogant Asses, a term coined by
Coach Daryl Rogers, the use of Skunkbear (as a pseudonym for a UM troll) is most applicable.

What is a chUMp? A chUMp is an idiot, but of a select nature and very special. The chUMp has an affinity with UM or consanguinity to a UM alumni or booster or perhaps just an affectation that superficially resembles a connection, usually via purchases made at Walmart.

What is the difference between a chUMp and a Skunkbear? Very little. While the Skunkbear espouses idiocies profusely, the chUMp is the epitome of idiocies.

Which leads us to the first topic at hand. Media bias.

A recent article published on was titled:
Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio responds to latest Michigan 'little brother' insult
By Mike Griffin

Technically, what was transcribed fits the general definition of "responds." However, reading the title one easily concludes that Coach Dantonio actually spoke on the topic. One hurries to read what the MSU Head Coach had to offer on that controversial topic.

"Is it personal to you?" Dantonio was asked.
The Spartans head coach smirked and replied, "What do you think?"
The BTN host pressed, "You tell me, coach."
Dantonio shrugged and shook his head.
"Yeah, what do you think?," he said. "I think I'm on record about how I feel about this game."
"I don't think there's any point in going through that. We'll leave it at that."

Smirked? Coach Dantonio?

Smirk, v, smile in an irritatingly smug, conceited, or silly way.

I suppose...

The author also helpfully included a link to the video of Mike Hart's atrociously unsportsmanlike post-game interview, the "Little Brother Gate." The author continues with his helpfulness by adding snippets of comments made by Fitz Toussaint on the "Little Brother Gate" scandal.

So, having spent the time reading it, what conclusions can be drawn?

MSUSpartan76 posted these thoughts:
"So, the title, the link to Fitz's comments and re-posting the Hart media special, how can this be viewed as anything other than a thinly veiled attempt to rouse the rabble?

Obviously the B1G Ten Network, in this case, did not see the need to be unbiased. Nor did Mike Griffin.

IN SUMMARY: The title is just the opposite of what transpired. Coach Dantonio did not respond. His answers were simply that he would not talk to that topic. Had the BTN any journalistic ethics, they would not have addressed the topic whatsoever and would have taken the hint from Coach Dantonio and moved on. Instead, they pressed and pressed again.

Many of the comments that followed the article were posted by chUMps and followed a common theme that included little else except to say how classless Dantonio is, how classless MSU is, and how much thuggery the fans of the Ann Arbor Charm School ball club expect to see from the Spartans on Saturday. The worst of it is the Skunkbears and chUMps gleefully shout anytime a Spartan protests or even tries to discuss that "Little Brother Gate" scandal that it is proof that MSU and its faithful really are "Little Brothers" just for having protested. Such is the sub centum IQ of the chUMp.

Pursuing this topic further, we linked to the other MLive article:

Michigan State personal for Fitz Toussaint: 'Little brother always wants to prove themselves and try to beat up the big brother'
by Nick Baumgardner.

Having read it and many of the comments, MSUSpartan76 posted:
It's surprising that a lack of sportsmanship has grown to be the culture at UM. Too bad such a fine school has to have such classlessness associated with it.

Which got an immediate response from Pat:
"Pot/kettle there MSU"

Huh? Obviously the chUMp did not bother to read both sentences.

Another response was posted a few hours later by ToddPacker7
"And MSU fan talking about class? Just go to Spartan Stadium any Saturday and you'll see the opposite of class occurring in the stands and in the parking lot all around you."


MSUSpartan76 responded:
So, because it happens elsewhere it justifies it happening at UM, the school that is supposed to have the highest standards? The self-proclaimed leaders and the best stoop so low and shrug it off because others do it?

How quaint.

Followed by:
Oh? Spartan Stadium? So, each individual fan sits in front of a TV camera with national coverage and lays an insult on UM? One after another? Or, the media just takes down quotes from 56,000 unknowns and publishes them?

Celebrity status carries responsibility. There is a huge difference whether you care to acknowledge it or not.

A while later, MI60 added:
Is what Fitz said really classless? IMO he didn't say anything bad. You also mention that poor sportsmanship has become culture at UM. I'm not sure what else you are talking about. I assume you're referring to Mike Hart? I don't know of any other instance and I don't think this one is poor sportsmanship. This is all just silly and blown out of proportion.

Denial is a well known behavior of chUMps.

MSUSpartan76 responded:
I did not say what Fitz said was classless. I did not point to any single specific example.
To quote:
"We labeled them as a little brother," Toussaint said. "And, you know, little brother always wants to prove themselves and try to beat up the big brother one day."
"I think they really take offense to that."

That the players, a few, some, many, or all of them make reference to that insult and speak it to the media so it will get blasted across the nation time and again, says it all. Toussaint could have said any of many other things, but he chose that "special" reference.

Unsportsmanlike behavior include insults and showing disrespect to your opponent.

Hart's comment was no different than kicking your opponent when he was down (on the ground).
That UM, its alumni, boosters, and fans embrace and gleefully use the LB label is proof positive that UM no longer holds high standards of conduct.
And that is a shame.

This article is an attempt to clarify the difference between a chUMp and a Skunkbear. The difference is clear, right?

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