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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Just minutes after Derrick Nix crumbled to the floor after taking a groin shot from Zeller (Nix could hardly walk), Nix took over the game. He completely turned the momentum in the Spartans favor, taking the lead on 4 consecutive points and The Brez was at a fever pitch with the floor slapping defense. Referee Ted Valentine, halted play due to what appeared to be a retaliation fist to the balls by Nix on Zeller. The accusations flew on ESPN about the NIX cheap shot and lack of sportsmanship. The incident stopped play for 5-minutes and more importantly for Indiana, stopped the Spartans charge and caused MSU to take it's foot off their throat. It was a game changer. Izzo held Nix out of the game after the stoppage in play.

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Here is the play when Zeller laid Nix out (watch the slow motion portion - sick):

Here is the play when Zeller framed Nix for the crime:

Zeller has got to be the craftiest player I've ever seen. I'm sure you can come up with other adjectives and colorful phrases. I am now so looking forward to meeting them in the B1G Championship game - gotta get there. Let's BEAT chUMps on the way there, then beat Indiana's chump in the last game before the big dance.

Bring it.

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