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Friday, February 15, 2013


2500 DUMP the chUMps stickers flooded the Izzone:

DUMP the chUMps stickers were seen all around Breslin:

DUMP the chUMps shirts - Now this was interesting. We had 15 shirts in the front row and ESPN just happened to miss them all game long - except for a few "accidents" like the photo below. Am I suggesting they purposely tried to keep the DUMP the chUMps phrase off the TV screen? YES. You see, several years ago Spartanman82 and I wore the No-Michigan shirt (shown in the DUMP the chUMps store) to a MSU vs. Ann Arbor game on ESPN. We were in the front row right by the hand-held camera. The camera operator told us we will never get on TV in those shirts because the people making the decisions on which camera shots get on TV are Michigan grads. When I watched the recording of last Tuesday's game, each sweep of the front row either began just after where our shirts were or stopped just before they were to appear on the screen - or it went right over the heads of the guys wearing the shirts. Also a couple guys wearing the shirts were not on TV at all during the first half, but when they changed to their Izzone shirts in the second half they were on ESPN multiple times. The shots below were pulled from 0.10 - 0.30 second "mistakes" when the shirts got past the censors. The guy below had to raise his shirt up to get it in view of the camera and ESPN immediately changed cameras. The guy to his left (off screen and two people to his right) each had DUMP the chUMps shirts on, but the camera is purposely high as it was all game long. How petty. This is really making me fired up for next year. We will study that tape and will not be denied in 2014.


Look where these guys are - with all the camera work on the Izzone, this 0.10 second shot is the only time they show up? All game? No. They show up - but just their faces, but mostly the rows behind them get face time.

(Special thanks to Bucknell Spartan for the donation of stickers - it was awesome and so fun!)

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  1. Why not send this to the Coaching Staff at State.?? Also some stickers and a shirt to Izzo?? You've got to get a contact with the cheer leaders, too. More than one sticker per leader would be good. They have to be seen then! Glad it worked.

  2. Bucknell - Thanks for the encouragement. We will talk. There are several ideas and I'm open to them. If I had to guess, I think that even if Izzo/Dantonio approved privately, they would disapprove publicly or more likely ignore unless asked about it by press. But - that does not mean ideas like yours are not viable. I do need help from other passionate Spartans though. A few fans who do not know me or SM82, at some point we need to catch fire with it. In the mean time, there are things we can do, similar to your suggestions, to reach those people. It's a function of time, money and people. You sure have done your part and Spartan Nation is grateful! The cheerleaders and others in visible rolls are prime targets - agreed. We will get there. Part of it is my fault in that I just don't have time to act on all the things I know would jump start it. It's is slowly catching on though - a big thanks to you!

  3. When we are watching the ball at present, wearing the same Shirts is very interesting for us.

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