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Friday, February 15, 2013


We must all resist the temptation to label every fan of the University of Michigan as a "chUMp". Some of them are decent, respectable, fair-minded sports fans. A few of them even attended U-of-M.


One Michigan Fan who stood out to me in the aftermath of the weasel whipping session on Tuesday night works as a crossing guard at my child's school. This is a guy who wears the navy blue and yellow coats and shirts and hats on a regular basis. He's been known to parrot the "go blew" slogan at times. He looks like a prime candidate for chUMp status.

As I approached him on Wednesday morning, I considered saying something to him about the game, not in a nasty way, but just as a reminder of what happened the night before. Since he's generally a nice guy (and a very good crossing guard), I decided to not say anything at all.

As I walked up to his post, he beat me to the punch by saying what a great game my team played against his team, extending his hand to shake mine in congratulations. I told him it was nice of him to say so as we shook hands together in front of the school.

There is no reason to consider this guy a "chUMp". There was no need to rub any parts of Reality in his face, nor to make fun of him or try to make him feel bad. This guy may be a UM fan, but he exhibited none of the characteristics of a "chUMp".

This web site and our movement are not directed at all Michigan fans just because they support our main rival. We reserve our mocking disdain for those members of the weasel fan base who truly deserve it, and there are many thousands who have earned the title. It's important as Spartans to give everybody a chance to earn our disrespect before we hand them the label of "chUMp".

That said, we saw more than a few young chUMps parading around the Breslin concourse BEFORE the game, crowing and shouting and carrying on about how great they were. They were mostly ignored by our own fans, probably because most of us know that post-game is more important than pre-game. When the game was over, those chUMps were nowhere to be found.

If you meet any Michigan fans like our school crossing guard, be sure to match their respect with sportsmanship of your own. Even as our teams do well, we are bound to lose to UM at least once in awhile, and we should also be civil in defeat as we are in victory.

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  1. He's alive! SM82 is bringin' it! Excellent post. We don not want to become that which we oppose. Good message. Let's stay true Spartans.

  2. (Comment via DUMP the chUMps and Spartan Resource Facebook page) Great article! Feel the same way about some of our fan base. Now...anger management time watching PSU! Have a good one Best G

  3. Up until last September, 2012, in my 36 years since graduating, I had never met 1 single Wolverine fan, face-to-face, that was anything but nice, adult, and a good sportsman.

    All of the chUMps I have encountered, save one exception, have been online at various different sports sites (CBSSports, MLive, ESPN, etc.). The anonymity emboldens them. The much younger age also plays into this.

    The sole real life exception happend at a sports bar last fall during the game. At the end of the game, I was harassed and there were cries of "Little Brother" when the FG cleared. Not one of those alleged adults bothered to celebrate UofM's 900th win. They only concerned themselves with heckling me and celebrating the win over MSU (so much for the myth the game does not count...).


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