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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Maxwell Conspiracy and the Bucknell Bison

Brace yourself for story upon story on the MSU quarterback "situation". Everyone seems to favor the QB not named Maxwell. As you hear about developments and engage in conversation, keep this in mind...

I still maintain that there were so many things wrong last year that none of the QBs would have looked good in 2012 and whoever was QB, we would be calling for the other in 2013. Even if it would have been Kurt Cousins for another year in 2012, instead of Maxwell, the message boards would be filled with, "I'm glad he is gone. I never liked him. Just because he gives a good speech doesn't mean he is a good QB." - and people would be all fired up about Maxwell finally getting a chance. Now - we may have won a couple of the close games, but the fan base would not have been happy with the ugly offense.

As it was, Maxwell did not perform well and did NOT earn a locked in #1 QB slot for 2013. I just hope people are sophisticated enough to know all the QB candidates would have sucked last year - just as Maxwell truly did, no doubt. The offense is an eco-system and the system was polluted on so many levels even a good QB would not have looked so good. I'll go with whomever the coaches select. I hope Spartan Nation is mature enough to do the same.
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A former Bucknell Bison will call plays for the Spartans this fall. The parents of Return2Glory met at Bucknell. Mr. R2G held many track records at Bucknell, was an outstanding pitcher there and may have made an impact on the football field as a RB had it not been for a broken leg suffered on the final play of a practice his freshman year. Michigan State co-offensive coordinator Dave Warner, back in the saddle again

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