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Saturday, March 16, 2013


For those of you who thought the Michigan Men's Basketball team was eliminated from the B1G Conference tournament yesterday, get ready for a BIG SURPRISE.

According to the national sports media, based on a simple google-search, it was actually the "Wolverines" who seized a late lead to defeat Iowa last night, advancing to the semi-final round today. Sound crazy? It is. Are you used to it yet? We are.

If you don't believe it, try googling "msu vs iowa" right now, before it's caught and corrected. Here's what we found when we did just that:

News for msu vs iowa

Michigan State vsIowa final score: Wolverines seize lead late, win 59-56
SB Nation - 12 hours ago - 405 related articles »
The Michigan St. Spartans roared back against Iowa to win 59-56, overcoming a 12-point second half deficit to continue on to the Big Ten ...

Okay, that's just a google-search "blunder"(?), bad enough, but maybe the article itself had things right. WRONG! Here is a link to the actual article:

The Michigan State University Wolverines

In case the entire article is corrected by the time you read this post, check the comments at the bottom of the article. In case those are deleted, here they are:

Michigan State Wolverines?

Who writes this crap? It’s bad enough that Michigan was ranked above Michigan State all season, even after State beat them by 23 points. Michigan State is the basketball power in the state of Michigan. Let’s show a little respect.
Phil Mitten

should probably change the teaser headline also...

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Half Ass corrections

When I wrote my first post, all references to MSU referred to them as Wolverines. Then someone made a half ass attempt to correct the blunder by changing the headline and first line to Spartans and not taking the time to correct the rest of the errors, including the teaser.
This whole site is crap. Once I finally got back to this article to see if it was corrected, after I signed in it took me back to the home page and I had to find this article all over again. They do not even have a link to college basketball on their home page, and this is friggin March!!!

Many people will tell you that we are "obsessed" with Michigan, that we are "haters", that we define our own existence by what that other team does and doesn't do. What about REALITY? How many times have we all heard our team referred to as "Michigan" on televised sports broadcasts? In my life, more than 100 instances over the years.

What is it that UM does to cast the hocus-pocus spell on the local, state, and national media? Is it a silly pose in the end-zone after a touchdown by an overrated receiver? Is it the silly pep song that gets played over and over and over again, ad infinitum? Is it, dare I

When you find these sports media distortions, please bring them to our attention, because yes, we are keeping track.

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  1. It's not that we are "worried" about the program down the road. They are what they are (and that isn't what they portray themselves to be). It's not that we are "obsessed" with with the chUMps. WE ARE CONCERNED ABOUT TRUTH. WE FAVOR ACCURACY. WE VALUE SUBSTANCE OVER STYLE. It is not that we are slaves to an inferiority complex. It is our mission to expose their superiority complex. As SpartanMan82 coned the phrase, "You can't spell chUMps without UM."

  2. RTG gives a good summary of our shared philosophy. I think it's basically what Coach Dantonio meant when he said, "Where's the threat?"

    They are just another team, but their overblown egos make them hard to not notice. And the attention they bring upon themselves is so gloriously narcissistic that it's hard not to be at least a little bit happy to see them hit the dirt.

    To see the sports media play along, even stirring the fantasy on a regular basis, is a source of dismay for those of us who view the free press (not the Free Press) as the Fourth Estate in our society. To watch them played as puppets by the UM Machine is truly sickening. In the name of Freedom, we stand in opposition.

    Truth, as RTG points out, is the goal of our mission. Wolverine Culture stands in our way. We shall never surrender to their fallacies and distortions.


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