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Friday, October 19, 2012

BIG TEN LEADERS, Passing Yards / Rushing Yards: Maxwell / Bell - Really?

Check out this most amazing paragraph from Shaw Lane Spartans...

"In a season of maddening statistics here might be the most maddening one of all. MSU has the passer with the most yards (Maxwell) and the rusher with the most yards (Bell) in the Big Ten. You say MSU isn’t moving the ball? Apparently they are. Even more strangely, MSU and UM have the exact same redzone percentage at 87.5 on the same number of attempts (24). MSU has even kicked fourteen field goals, seven more than UM. So how does UM average 12.7 more points per game? Simple, MSU has scored 2 TD’s on offense from outside the redzone where Michigan has scored twelve."

Click here to read the entire post.

Could it be that the scoreboard has been simmering just below boiling? A missed block or wrong cut away from breaking the long run? A dropped passed away from keeping a scoring drive alive? A missed interception away from turning the tide? The big special teams play that appears a step away? Could it all happen in the same game? The right game?

Will the Spartans sleepwalk again? Is there something "wrong" with this team from a mental or chemistry standpoint or is the pressure building for a breakout day? Could we see that incredible D make Denard look ordinary or worse? Could we see that shell shocked look on those fans packed in that hole like a can of sardines? Or, will it be the Spartans that lay the stink bomb? I think the outcome will be categorized as a surprise - no matter what happens!

Check out last year's classic day-by day posts leading up to the game. I could hardly wait each day to read what SpartanMan82 was going to post next. Hilarious.

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  1. Let me be the first one to say on this web site: We have a CHANCE to win this game.

    There is always room for HOPE. It is possible that we can win. Think back to all of the other games in the past where people thought we had no chance to win, but we did win.

    If our team repeats everything they have done so far this year, we probably will not win, especially if the chUMps play very well. But what if they don't play well? What if our guys rise up to a new level and their guys don't keep up? What if our guys play for their very lives while their guys play for the glory?

    What if the tips fall our way, if the ball bounces into our hands, if we get special teams plays? What if the game is called absolutely correctly by the officials instead of the usual serving of home cooking every team gets in the Pig House? What then?

    Anything can still happen. That's why they play the game.


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