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Saturday, October 20, 2012

DUMP the chUMps...

Return2Glory got the positive juices flowing by watching 1999 MSU dominating perfomance over chUMps featuring an amazing day by Plaxico Burress. The game included a beautiful flea-flicker which ties in well will my interviews with SpartanMan82 and C-Mann79.

C-Mann79 kept it pretty simple while SM82 wants to see something new.

Believes it boils down to execution. If the Spartans show improvement they may not even need turnovers to win.
Thinks the first series of the game for the offense and defense is crucial. MSU seems to fall behind early and he says that just can't happen today.
Says if the Spartan's mindset is right, MSU wins.

Believes that if MSU simply does what is on the game tapes they gave the chUMps, they will lose.
The Spartans must show new formations to the chUMps defense.
Dantonio must unveil some plays the chUMps have not prepared for, then, like CM79 said, they need to execute those plays.
They need to have more than more Bell accumulate rushing yards and avoid overusing Bell in the first half.
MSU cannot run between the tackles from the single back formation - they must run outside and have various plays and personnel from that formation.
MSU should show something completely different in the second half that chUMps do not have time to adjust to.

Defensive big plays
Prevent big play by chUMps on offense
Have fun
Not celebrating until it's over

DUMP the chUMps!!!

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  1. Perfect call by SpartanMan82. First drive of 2nd half show plays and formations that chUMps have not seen in first half or on game tapes. C-Mann79 right on with execution.

    Let see how drive #2 goes...

  2. Defense is playing their usual good game. Execution on offense is there for the first game this year. Passes on the mark and everyone is catching them. Only real forced pass ended a drive with an overthrow interception.

    Sitting here with my Sparty gnome to help us hold onto this lead.

  3. Five in a row hinges on two first downs. Suicide watch preparing to go in effect in Ann Arbor!! We are about to, for the fifth straight year, DUMP THE CHumPS!!


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