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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Video: Inside Access - Spartan Thriller in Wisconsin Here...

Another one of those totally cool "Spartan Football All-Access" videos...

I had this post all ready to go and I decided to save it in drafts because I had just posted "Will Brady Hoke Root for Spartans?". Then, just as I was going to enter the post, SpartanMan82 comes out with "Brady Hoke Proclaims Love for Sparty." So, I waited again. Of course, the next day this video is all over the web. Now I look like the latecomer to this party. Oh well, maybe some of you have not seen it yet...

The entire video is worth a watch. Flick it on instead of the TV when you have 20 minutes, but if you just want one fun part skip ahead to the last section highlighted below...

The section on Max Bullough is pretty cool too.

Coach D and adversity of close loses heading into Madison
A piece on Maxwell - position coaches and Andrew interviews
A special on the Spartan defense and Max Bullough
Wisconsin game prep
First half highlights
Half-time in the locker room
Second half and OT highlights
Post-game locker room celebration: The Spartans (and Dantonio) version of the famed Camp Randall Stadium "Jump-Around" in the locker room at the 20:12 mark.

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