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Tuesday, September 3, 2013


The Michigan Football team remains on NCAA Probation as they prepare to play Notre Dame this weekend. The penalties were announced in November 2010.

Most people don't realize it, but the sanctions are in effect until this November, three years after they were announced. The school had self-imposed a two-year Probation, but the NCAA added another year to the probation period.

Many of you reading this will not believe it, as the Mainstream Media has this fact shoved under the same rug where they always put the bad news about UM. Therefore, we provide multiple links (below) so that you can feel confident speaking with others about this FACT.

Brady Hoke has never been Head Coach of a Michigan team that was not on Probation. He is sort of like the "Football Warden" in Ann Arbor. (He was only hired after UM was spurned by Jim Harbaugh and Les Miles.)

When reading the links below, check the date of the article and look for the effective date of the Probation penalty. You will see that it does not expire until November 2013, right after they play Michigan State in Spartan Stadium.

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