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Thursday, September 12, 2013


The Michigan Football program marked a key historical milestone recently, as it passed one-thousand days on NCAA Probation. That's a Grand number, half a ton worth of days. (Or, as Ed Martin would say, "One, Large".)

Probation has been good for Michigan Football. They win more games now, sell more merchandise, and recruit better since turning themselves in and getting punished for cheating. The life and times of UM football has certainly improved since the official spanking.

They have played 33 games since getting on Probation, and their record since then is 23-10. That compares very favorably to the 14-19 record compiled in the 33 games played before being granted "probation status". Michigan has done well wearing the orange jumpsuit, they seem comfortable with their own punishment.

Speaking of Probation, that's just what those two U-of-M Wrestlers got in court last week, on charges of manufacturing explosives. Molotov Cocktails, to be precise. Pretty soft treatment for a couple of miscreants who literally set fire to their own neighborhood when Louisville won the national basketball championship in April. (An excerpt from the court web site is below, along with a link to the web site.)

So when the football probation finally ends for Michigan, the wrestlers probation will still be in full swing. Combined with the men's basketball probation from last decade, the University of Michigan will continue to have a major sports program or active scholarship athletes on probation since virtually the turn of the century.


9/03/1313-794 FHP v Dozier, Justin DeanOrder of Probation
DateCase #People vs DefendantJudge's Order
9/03/1313-795 FHP v Bruno, Rosario RobertOrder of Probation

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