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Friday, December 28, 2012

Why Does This Bowl Game Seem So Different?

This BWW Bowl game is a weird one for me. I can't recall having less enthusiasm about a post season Spartans game. Is it because other fans are not lit up about it? Is it because the game this year were generally not fun due to an out of sync offense - even though they were close? Is it because of unmet raised expectations? Am I just too busy and it has nothing to do with the team or the 2012 season? What is it?

As for the game itself, it seems as though it is more important not to lose this game than it is to win it. The only other games I can recall feeling that way were game in which the Spartans were heavy favorites. Why do I feel that way with this game? How about you? Do you relate to any of this or am I out out on an island on this one? Like I said, this is a weird game for me.

One thing remains the same: Go Gamecocks! Can you remember when a chUMp win was ever good for MSU? I remember theories about that, but never a time when it truly panned out that way.

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  1. Simple answer for me. We went 6-6 and we were limping just to get bowl eligible against Minnesota who played a great game their bowl against an opponent from the same conference. I hope TCU allows us to move the ball like Texas Tech let the Gophers move it.
    And we better win or finish 6-7. Dantonio would have to start all of the streaks he started over. Consecutive winning seasons, consecutive bowl wins, etc.
    The season, in my mind, turned what turned out to be irreversibly sour in the Ohio State game when the whistle blew denying us a defensive scoop and score. Had we beaten OSU, I'm sure we would have won at least two more of those other four close games.
    GO COCKS!!

  2. Sparty's punter, Mike Sadler, should have been the MVP of the game. I don't know who won it but it not for him we would not have won the game. The only blemish on his day was that 17 yard shank following a wide left snap. But it didn't cost us points.

    The go ahead touchdown was all because of him. Well done.

    GO GREEN!!


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