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Thursday, December 6, 2012

More on Maxwell and Spartans Offensive System... Blame

More Maxwell discussion on M-Live...

ATownAndDown and Return2Glory (as BEATchUMps) chip in to the discussion. Note how A-Town handles a simple minded reader who accuses him of being stupid...

MSUSpartan76 also appears to do his homework...

Spartan Bob
"Even I could outrun Andrew Maxwell."
Matthew Stafford

Give-up the outdated offense. Man-up and run the spread.

Yeah... like the best teams in college football... wait... ND, Bama, and Florida are teams that have been success based on defense and running the ball. Crazy. Bama and LSU last year had QB's throwing the ball 40+ times, right?

And ND runs the ball out primarily of the spread, junior!
How 'bout that Oregon team or the Texas A&M team that beat 'Bama?
Gads you are f-ing stupid. The spread doesn't necessarily have to be - and usually is not - a pass first offense.
Educate yourself.

ND runs a single back offense... not the spread. Oregon lost to Stanford... another non-spread team. And A&M lost to Florida and LSU... non-spread teams.

And you proved the point... Look at how often A&M and Oregon line up with 4-5 WR packages? The closest thing to that, that ND does is have a 3 WR package, with Eifert (a TE) split out, and Riddick running a rout. Even on that note, if ND runs the spread, then so does MSU. How many times did MSU run 3 WR formations (even started games with 3 WR), Sims split out and Bell running a rout?

I guess you have a different definition of what constitutes a spread offense. IMO the spread offense is a system that forces the defense to spread out and allows the offense to take advantage of the weaknesses in the defense. In other words, most defenses don't have 4 or 5 guys that cover that well and/or the ability to stop the pass and not get gouged in the running game. So how exactly are you a run heavy team, out of the spread unless you are running the spread option (like Oregon or RichRod)? Seems like you are taking 2 or 3 blockers out of the game and forcing your RB to beat the 7 guys that are normally in the box in most teams base defenses.

Mike Griffith |
Yes, because the teams playing for the national title run it....wait, no they don't #SpreadIsTheGimmick

I think I can run faster than Maxwell. How about we find the right quarterback who can run the offense? He isn't capable of moving this team in "real time".
Maxwell made his share of mistakes. Very few first year QBs would have had success with the cumulative effect of all the other circumstances effecting the position this year. Be careful what you wish for in another first year QB next year. [See "Offense is an eco-system" post.]

Should MSU win the bowl, then Maxwell joins a very small group of first year Spartan QB starters with a winning season. There have been only 3 in the past 40 years. Kirk Cousins, as an example, went 6-7 his first year and he had experienced receivers to throw to. He also had a place kicker (Swenson) who hit 20 of 23 FGs compared to Conroy and 22 of 31 FGs.
Boise State: Missed 42
Central Michigan: Missed 39
Notre Dame: Missed 43
Eastern Michigan: Missed 39
Ohio State: Missed 41 (lost by 1)
Michigan: Missed 38 (lost by 2)
Nebraska: 48 (lost by 4)
Northwestern: 36 (lost by 3)

Maxwell gets all the blame, when it was the team that was playing. Too simple-minded. Offensive line, receivers, missed opportunities on defense, special teams, 1-dimensional play calling (coaches), etc., etc.

How about we have a balanced outlook on things, eh?
Michigan State, historically, takes big steps backwards when a new QB starts.

I don't think Conroy is to blame either, he was put in too many kicking situations and many very long. It was a perfect storm this year for this mess. I think injuries 1st, Maxwell 2nd and a pathetic offensive plan (Roushar & Coach D) 3rd. They seemed to march the field all year until the redzone and go 3 & out. In fact as I mentioned in another post they are dead last in the B1G for red zone td's. With that being said Maxwell isn't ALL to blame but he did not improve this year, he got worse (which scares me).

I am not going to totally blame Conroy but the guy was a career 82% kicker coming into this year and he barely clears 70%. That means he should have made about 3 more of those misses named above. Does that equate to 1 more win? Maybe.

I think while we would still be disappointed, we would look a lot different on this season at 7-5, especially if that one came at U of M. And as was stated, poor kicking was just part of the overall issues this team had.

By the way, outside of the 48 yarder against OSU (which is well within Conroy's range), those other misses were all about 40 yards which for a guy that is perfect from 50+, are not long field goals.

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