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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

M-Live Reader Comment "Pro" Backs Opinions on Spartans with Facts and Logic

Even in the "off weeks" after a hugely disappointing Spartan football, M-Live Reader and avid reader-poster, "ATownAndDown" is still bringin' it - every day.

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Here is a sample of ATownAndDown's excellent contributions as a reader at M-Live:

M-Live Post: Re: Michigan State quarterback Andrew Maxwell on board with Coach Mark Dantonio's covert new-look offense

One Reader's Comment: map444
Gimmicks, the last resort of a desperate man. Can no longer recruit good lineman so our QB needs to run for its life.

ATownAndDown's Response to "Gimmick" comment by other reader...
Since when is a QB moving his feet a gimmick? The fact of the matter is that college football has gone through a transition recently. You are now seeing QB's coming out that are ready to play at the NFL level because they are no longer playing in college offenses but rather are being asked to play in NFL-type systems in college. Guess what most (not all) NFL QB's have to do? Move their feet (bootleg, buy time, or scamper for yards when the defense turns it back). Changing the MSU offense to reflect that more and work with the QB's to be more of that type of QB is far from a gimmick.

As far as not being able to recruit good linemen, the entire 2009 recruiting class (that should be anchor this years line) is gone. As a result you have 2 converted defensive linemen
(France and Treadwell) starting for the offense. Allen, Jackson, Burkland and Clark are all Freshmen and Sophomores and are starting.

Higgins and McGowan were considered high-3 or 4 star recruits last year. Kodi Keiler is getting some good reviews by the coacehes (specifically for his athleticism for his size). Dennis Finley is a 4 star recruit this year. MSU is also a favorite for David Dawson (who has MSU schedule as his last visit). Also should be noted that top prospect Riley Norman committed to MSU for track and said that he would not play football but there is some speculation that he might go back on that statement.

The bottom line is the MSU OLine is bad this year, but then again it was comprised of converted defensive linemen and young players so what did you really expect? And then you look at that other guys coming in and have to see that as an upgrade too.
Here is another one on the Bowl Game:
M-Live Story: Re: Michigan State football mirrors TCU in many areas of statistical comparison
A-Town's Comment: 
Before we get too far ahead in side-by-side comparisons, it should be pointed out the differences between the B1G and the Big 12. TCU's defense is by far and away the best defense in the Big 12 and it would be 4th in the B1G. The average B1G defense gives up 361.3 YPG (TCU gives up 332) and the average Big 12 defense gives up 420.3 YPG.

Whether you want to interpret that as the Big 12 is filled with super offenses (to which one could point out that ND held Oklahoma to 125 yards under their average YPG) or you want to interpret those numbers as the B1G is filled with solid defenses (to which you could point out Bama put up over 120 yards more then U of M's average when they met).

The bottom line is there is a stark difference between the defensive and offensive numbers of each teams respective conferences.

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