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Thursday, July 5, 2012

ShawLaneSpartans Posts on MSU Recruiting Patterns

Shaw Lane Spartans (formerly A Beautiful Day for Football) took a little break this summer. They have always created quality content and finally have a new post - a short one, but unique as always. Return2Glory is in touch with them (they are now following @DUMPthechUMps on Twitter) and as soon as they fix their RSS feed, we will add their post headlines to the Spartan Resource Center at the bottom of the blog page. Here is SLS's latest post. You can comment on their site here.

The Recruiting Cycles of MSU Football

A few weeks ago, MSU received commitments from four players in the last week of June. This is pretty typical of Dantonio recruiting to have a slew of commits right after summer camps. With some luck, we can pass the time of watching the grass grow slowly in the heat and maybe even learn a few things about how recruiting happens at MSU. I dove into Excel headlong with some commitment dates from 2010-2013 and set to work with the charts.
1.)  When does MSU land it’s prospects for the year?
For as boring as summer is in terms of football, it’s crazy busy for recruiting. If you follow MSU recruiting at all, you probably know this already. What surprised me most though is that in June, July and August MSU receives over 50 percent of it’s commits for the year. (50.8 percent to be precise).
2.) Does MSU recruit during the football season?
No, they win football games. (Season is defined as Sept – Dec.)
3.) So what’s the plan then?
Well, it might make more sense like this. The peace sign looking object above points to the following. Roughly 1/3rd of all of MSU’s commits come in the January/February push(Signing Day Push), another 1/3rd come in the June/July (Camp Season), the final third come in the other 8 months of the year. While that might make recruiting tremendously boring mid-season, typically this is offset by the winning of football games.
Anyway, not a huge post, but I wanted to highlight how important camp season is to the recruiting cycle at Michigan State and how completely pedestrian in-season recruiting seems to be. Obviously, in-person evaluation in a camp setting is hugely important to Dantonio and staff.


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