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Monday, July 30, 2012

Just 5.5 Seniors Starting on Star Studded MSU Football Team

I always like to check the two-deep for youth, but this year, I found myself first counting the number of senior starters when the Spartans released the first depth chart of fall camp. After two 11 win seasons, it seems chUMps assume the cupboard is now dry at MSU. I check out reader comments whenever I get a chance to catch up on Spartan articles on the web (see headline links at the bottom of this blog page) and they are so focused on the loss of Cousins and our receiving corps that many chUMps have literally written us off as having our two years of fun and now things are "back to normal". They couldn't be further from the truth.

Not only are the Spartans loaded with star power this year, they are loaded with players who have flown under the radar and could capture headlines this year, while others played through injuries last year and are set to become stars in their own right this year. What I love about the depth chart is that there are only two seniors on offense and 3 or 4 (Tyler Hoover shares an "or" for his starting spot at NT) - but we are loaded! That means we will be loaded next year too. There are five 5th seniors on this year's team, we are slated to have 15 on next year's team (one of them at QB - with all receivers returning). This train will continue to roll...

Whatever happens this year, next year will be even better...
To see some historical build-up to this on-going improvement check out this post (and prediction) from post game Big Ten Championship reflections and this post from The Only Colors Blog - posted on the today.

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