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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Photo: DUMP the chUMps shirts spotted at Tigers Game

Photo: Family shares rivalry fun at Comerica Park. (Shirts $5.00 below)

We have 15 months to get the word (phrase) out so our plan with the student section can be most successful when chUMps visit Spartan Stadium next year (see vision statement at top of page). How can you help?

~Wear your DUMP the chUMps shirts to all high population locations - from malls, to concerts to little league games. ($5.00 special offer - details below).
~Share each post on Facebook, Twitter or via email (tool at the top of each page).
~Follow us on Twitter (top right of blog) and Retweet as your receive each post headline link or tweet.
~"Like" the blog (top of blog page).
~Follow our Fan Page on Facebook (right column).
~Use the resource center at the bottom of the page to find your Spartan headlines across the web daily.
~Comment on blog posts.
~Become a guest author on the blog (email
~Comment on Spartans news articles and forums on the web using the the word "chUMps" and phrase "DUMP the chUMps" and always refer readers to or @DUMPthechUMps on Twitter.
 ~Be a respectful Spartan and use the phrase in fun - not the hate/bitterness you read out there. Don't be a chump while poking fun at chUMps.
~If you are a parent of a student at MSU, it will take them a while to understand, but it is important that they get involved and help in exchange for the privilege of being a Spartan. It is a responsibility they must accept.
~Have fun with people who comment on your shirt and share with them.

The shirts: Note the new design only has the UM in yellow, giving the shirt a more Green and White look which emphasizes the entire phrase over just the DUMP UM part. It's a little easier for those outside the rivalry (and those on the other side of the rivalry) to chuckle at it.

BEATchUMPs isn't profiting on the shirts. They cost about $5.00 per shirt to produce and when I can hand one to you that's all I ask. On Ebay, they are $10 to cover extra costs/commissions and shipping. Send me an email to to work out a direct ship for quantity savings. XXL and XXXL are extra.

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