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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Calling them chUMps is All in Good Fun, but there is Another Reason. Check Out These Examples...

We see the term scUM on the Internet - we don't like that. We see vulgar t shirts on campus at the games - we don't like that. We thought the term chUMps had the right balance of fun, family friendliness and rivalry to make it the preferred term for our opponents in chUMpsville. It's no worse than "Little Brother" yet does not carry the arrogance of the label they selected for us.

Check out the reader comments from this nearly meaningless article from the Ann Arbor News. The tone, misinformation, and the snottiness - this is why we call them chUMps...

(People ask me, "Why can't you just root for both teams in the state?" Below you will find one of hundreds of reasons why...)

U-M petition to make MSU match at Michigan Stadium a night game nears 1,000 signatures

David Brandon might be reluctant to host a night game against Michigan State University, but a contingent of student fans have signed a petition to get the University of Michigan athletic director to change his mind.... Click here if you want to read the article.

Reader Comments

Spartan Bob
12:27 PM on 6/28/2012
Seriously now, the Spartans are use to playing in night games because they're always in the dark.

8:56 PM on 6/28/2012
Playing football has, is and always will be a pre couch burning ritual for them and their fans.

12:29 PM on 6/28/2012
Couch fires for everyone when Michigan wins...Dave Brandon is right on this one. You can't bring in State fans at night time and expect them to behave themselves!

2:07 PM on 6/29/2012
Ah, I hate to say it folks, but couch burning is banned and Ann Arbor is cutting their fire dept in half. Kind of scary if you ask me.

12:40 PM on 6/28/2012
Since students don't own any property of course they want the game at night. The rest of us adults who live the real world want these hooligans out of town by dusk.

1:30 PM on 6/28/2012
If it was left entirely up to Dave Brandon, this game wouldn't be seen on anything but tape delay or cable access. There's no way he wants a fifth straight loss to MSU shown on national television and he'll do everything in his power to take as much attention away from the game as he possibly can. He's hiding behind his desk like a coward and I'd be surprised if he ever publicly acknowledges the petition.
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3:01 PM on 6/28/2012
No. The important games can be played at night but not against these unworthy little brothers.
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4:39 PM on 6/28/2012
Your comment is short-sighted. Our program only benefits from primetime exposure. Though I hate to say it State has come on to be quite a formidable foe these past four years and I think we would do right as a fan base of Team 133 to stop overlooking this game. This is a win at all costs game this year. What better way to rise than to beat little brother in front of the world? Any time, any place. But primetime? That would be incredible.
8:58 PM on 6/28/2012
I stand by my statement and consider yours as totally baseless :
3:26 PM on 6/28/2012
Hmm...start times are mostly dictated by tv way nationwide this holds interest as a prime time game... Sorry to say it but MSU is an in-state draw, not of national interest.

3:31 PM on 6/28/2012
I would say that given the msu student's propensity to riot and trash the city,....This wouldn't be a good idea ever.
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Robert Granville
6:03 PM on 6/28/2012
I worry for the safety of Ann Arbor residents and their property. East Lansing has had its fair share of riots... we don't need them burning couches after their loss in Ann Arbor. Noon game.

6:18 PM on 6/28/2012
Based on 30+ years of attending games including M vs. ND and M vs. MSU, the conclusion is that Sparty fans approach the Michigan game much differently than do Notre Dame fans. Best to keep the Sparty game in the daytime.

10:03 PM on 6/28/2012
Just have city of ann arbor pass a law any green and white clothing being worn within the city limits is a felony. Then we can play the night game without any of the goobers around being arrogant and a pita!!!! I was at the triple OT game and had a couple of real holes if you know what I mean by me sing the sparty song and being a general pain. They fially shut the heck up after the game ended and crawled back into their hole.
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