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Saturday, February 6, 2016


Who can remember two years ago, when a large segment of the Michigan Basketball fan-base started talking about the "six-out-of-the-last-eight" winning record for John Beilein over Tom Izzo? Seems like a distant memory right now, doesn't it?

What happened to bring on that kind of talk? Well, it went like this:
UM stole a pair of one-point wins, than grabbed a few more single-digit victories, several with injured Spartans unable to play, and the next thing you knew, Beilein was a "Basketball Genius". The game record showed (technically) six wins in an eight-game stretch, and Coach John was anointed as the Pre-Savior, BH ("before Harbaugh").

SO WHAT HAPPENED NEXT? Four double-digit wins by the Spartans over the Wolverines, and now things look a little different than they did two years ago. Things look more normal now, thanks to the last four games:

  • MSU by 14 (3-16-14) 
  • MSU by 10 (2-01-15) 
  • MSU by 13 (2-17-15) 
  • MSU by 16 (2-06-16) 

We summed up the last 25 games between the two teams in this article, and you will find those four games in our list. The multiple beat-downs has had a cooling effect on the Blue Blowhards. Maybe they're not so sure about John Beilein anymore.

For your reference, we will summarize those last 25 games in a game-by-game "streak-format", showing all of the "streaks" you can add up. We don't have to cherry-pick an eight-game streak, or a 13-game-streak, or a 21-game streak. We will list them all, so you can select any you wish to use in any discussion you have with a Michigan fan.

Watch for the updated "STREAKS" article coming up soon!


 ****** The purpose of this web site is to expose the mainstream media bias that consistently portrays Michigan in a favorable light under any and all circumstances. We present current facts and review historical records to show that UM is not all they are cracked up to be. This process involves information that is negative by nature, offered as a counter-balance to the biased picture we all see on a regular basis in the mainstream media. These negative facts may involve Wolverine teams, players, coaches, administrators, and/or fans. We are here to prove that Michigan is NOT AS DIFFERENT as they want us all to believe.

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  1. 6 of 8? How about 7 of 7? The seven times Izzo has coached the team to the Final Four the Spartans pounded the chUMps by double digits at least once. Including that nail biter in the team's Championship year of 2000 that ended 114-63.

    Could this be 8 of 8? They sure look good enough to do it.

    C Mann 1979


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