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Sunday, February 7, 2016

DOES ANYBODY REMEMBER A GUY NAMED JOHN BEILEIN? (the name sounds a little familiar)

Looks like the first order of business for new Michigan Athletic Director Warde Manuel is to put together a retirement package for John Beilein. Sure, the guy is a "Basketball Genius", but he missed the post-season last year and just got his ass handed to him on a platter in consecutive home-games against Indiana and Michigan State. Perhaps his star is, well, shall we say, FADING just a bit?

Again, we all know that Beilein is a "Basketball Genius" and all that, however, it will be up to Jim Harbaugh whether Coach John gets to stay around or not. Maybe Harbs will have a sleepover with Johnny to settle things one way or the other.

True, Beilein racked-up most of his career success in Division Two (and lower) Basketball, but he hasn't exactly been shutout at UM has he? He DID make the NCAA Tournament a few times, and even won a few games there. And he has five winning seasons out of his eight years as Head Coach of the Wolverines. Not too shabby for that vicinity.

Yes, JB has been ejecting prospective seniors from his team since he got to Ann Arbor, but he was just following the Jim Harbaugh Model of roster management. The key in the UM system is to get as many players out the door as often as possible in order to avoid having them stay around so long they start to stink up the joint. Or become Seniors. Whichever comes first.

Okay, he did just lose four consecutive games to in-state rival Michigan State, by a combined 53 points, but hey, what's a poor coach to do without SENIORS in his lineup? How can a guy expect to succeed without SENIOR PLAYERS? Beilein should be given time to recruit "his own players" before shoving him towards the exit. And that could still take awhile.

The Wolverine fan-base began to gang-up on Beilein in December with a littany of nasty on-line commentaries, then they quieted down a bit while UM went through the easy part of their schedule. Two home-court blowouts later, the chUMps are chomping down on Coach John again. We will carry a series of their wicked (turncoat) comments throughout the coming week.

Remember how nobody really noticed when
John Beilein was hired by the University of Michigan?

Is it possible that nobody will really notice when he leaves UM? Stay tuned, and we will find out!

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