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Sunday, September 6, 2015


I'm really up in the air on this one now.

Preseason I thought we could not lose this game with the loss of Mariotta, Cook being a senior, Ed Davis leading the defense, a home game and the revenge factor.

Then a good QB shreds our secondary.  It was not so much that he threaded a needle it was that most of the completions rarely had a defender in the picture.  Many things can be cleaned up this week like the kicking coverage.  But talent in the secondary and at linebacker can't be improved.  The loss of Davis is going to be tough to overcome.  We will have to play smarter and coach smarter.  I also think both teams did not show much of their playbook in the first game.  We'll see whose is better Saturday.

Oregon has the new QB graduate transfer from Eastern Washington.   The team he beat yesterday.  Yes they are FCS but they are also ranked #6 in that division in the preseason poll. Even so, they did rack up 438 passing yards with two QB's as their #1 got knocked out the game in the third quarter

How about the first one to 40 wins?

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  1. C-Mann 79: If it makes you feel any better here is and Oregon Fan's comment on his team after last week ( )

    Raid69 36 minutes ago
    Eastern Washington just might beat WSU and Colorado. After watching the replay today, I'm convinced now that Oregon came out thinking they were gonna roll these guys. The basic blocking and tackling was poor. Oline losing their feet and in No way controlling the line of scrimmage against an FCS school. They did just enough that the athletes could do their thing.

    The D-line providing no pressure even if there were quick drops. The Lb's making hardly any big plays or hits, just doing their responsibilities as usual. I'm sorry, but we need to see more explosion from them, at least Joe Walker is there. Hardrick and French are hard to watch, only because they just don't make enough plays when they get the majority of them. Nothing good to say about the secondary. I think Amadi and Springs found out whatD-1 football is all about. Not sure why Seisay played like a rookie.

    The receivers and RB's are great. I'd like to see more of a change-up with James following Freeman. I realize that Benoit is playing well, but he's more like FREEMAN. You need to take advantage of change of pace and bring in the smaller burners like James and Griffen. I'm sure Frost is building up to this.

    Sounds pretty negative, but after watching replay, I was dumbfounded at how Eastern matched Oregon's physicality and played tougher in the trenches then our guys despite being outmanned. Beau Baldwin is a good coach, and will probably get a shot at another big school if EWU keeps winning. He obviously coaches his team up and I for life of me can't understand why Oregon can't get their guys playing like that. OREGON needs to play physical football on a regular basis. Are they running pro practices that don't allow the guys to go at each other?

    It's a long season, I get it, and this is maybe an over-reaction. Last year, they did the same thing against Arizona. Then something changed in practice that week and they came out physical against UCLA. So what gives that with a crowd like that and against an FCS school that Oregon looks soft? SOFT. SOFT! There, I said it again.


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