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Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Nothing like a little factual information to set the record straight. In the case of Tom Brady, the facts show that he cheated to win. So, he's a "winner", but he's also a "cheater". Typical Michigan Man, eh?

How many times in recent years have we heard about the greatness of Brady, brought up by rabid Walverines, always to shine the great luster of UM, usually to counter the success of any quarterback from MSU. What now for the chUMps who have used Tom Brady for years as their ace-in-the-hole for any football argument?

Brady now goes the way of other Wolverine Heros like Taylor Lewan, Desmond Howard, Brady Hoke, Roy Tarpley, Chris Webber, Mitch McGary, Bud Middaugh, Les Miles, Gary Moeller, and so many others. All of the aforementioned at one time were considered great, almost deities in their own realm, only to fall from grace and be exposed as a liar, a cheater, a kook, incompetent, a rage-freak, a drug-addict, or some combination of these fine qualities all rolled into one blue-and-yellow package.

In other words, they were all objects of worship for Michigan fans until they spun, crashed, and burned. Tom Brady is the latest in an incredibly long line of Wolverine wipeouts.

We've seen this story so many times before.
Moeller, Webber, Tarpley, Hoke, now Tom Brady.

They call themselves "Leaders and Best".

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