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Friday, August 9, 2013


Did you notice how the mainstream media heralded John Beilein during the "Team USA" season? The Michigan Coach was lauded for great sportsmanship with his approach to Adreian Payne, as Beilein vowed to help his rival become a better player going into his Senior season.

In fact, it was hard to tell at first that Beilein wasn't the Head Coach of Team USA, as all of the preliminary coverage was about him as "coach" of the team. Turns out he was just an assistant coach.

Then Team USA craps out with a 9th-place finish, Payne barely plays and hardly scores, and nobody says a word about why this kind of thing would happen under the great Johnny B.

As usual, the media asked an MSU Coach to explain a UM situation. Tom Izzo caught some kind of question about what transpired, though I never saw an article where the media asked Beilein himself why he did so poorly on his summer job. In effect, Izzo said he didn't care and it didn't matter. He said it's good to have Payne back in Breslin to continue off-season practice.

The average mass media consumer is left with the impression that Beilein is a great man and a great leader, even after his massive (and historic) failure with "Team USA" basketball. Will the media hold him accountable for his poor work going forward? Or will they just give Michigan another "mulligan" and hope nobody notices?

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