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Wednesday, August 7, 2013


The mainstream media is ignoring the legal processing of those Michigan Wolverine Athletes who got caught blowing things up on Louisville Cardinal Night. Even a search of the Washtenaw County Trial Court web site for information on the case came up empty.

Rosario Bruno was to appear in court three weeks ago, and may have done so, but no reports are available on the Internet. We reported on the case in this article, then previewed the latest court action in this article. However, since that event was scheduled, no reports have been found regarding the case.

Bruno's accomplice, Justin Dozier, confessed to the neighborhood bombing scheme in May, and is scheduled to be sentenced this month. Keep your eyes open for news about his fate, but be forewarned that the Mainstream Michigan Media Machine (M4) may continue to keep a lid on this saucepan.

Both men are on scholarship with the Michigan Wrestling team, and each has competed dozens of times. They face felony charges and at least one of them is expected to be ordered into a Diversion Program. They were suspended from the team after the charges were made public.

If two MSU wrestlers threw Molotov Cocktails in Cedar Village, got arrested and charged with a felony, would we all not be hearing about it throughout the media? Would a story like that be kept as silent as this one?

We will continue to pursue updates about these Michigan Miscreants.

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  1. It's real nice that Hollis and the coaches have gotten this under control for MSU. Yes, Dantonio had problems in his first 3-4 years and even Izzo has had a couple of off the court incidents to deal with.

    The lack of problems in the MSU athletics means we don't have to listen to a whole bunch of stupid talk the obvious purpose of which is to redirect attention away from the goings on at Ann Arbor Charm School.


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