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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

VIDEO: National Championships. Spartans, chUMps and Champs - Relevant or Irrelevant?

I thought it was fun to watch these highlights of the Spartans back to back National Championship seasons in a relevant football era. It caused me to think of what I would do if I were a chUMp and wanted to watch highlights of all those famed football games that were more like games between a couple of frat houses (they sure do make chUMps feel good though). Much of the chUMps glory days were before the invention of TV or the face mask - maybe even the forward pass or the zipper.

After watching this video of actual football, you will understand one of many reasons why Boo scUMbuckler's predecessors did everything they could to keep MSU out of the Big Ten. This action was well before he became famous for firing hall of fame broadcaster Ernie Harwell from the Detroit Tigers - a move for which he is fondly remembered - well not really, the chUMp media machine has given Michiganders amnesia about that one.

While these highlights came from the 1965 and 1966 seasons, the chUMps most recent back to back NCs came in 1947 and 1948. The thing is, the AP did not select NCs until 1948. There always some quirk with them isn't there?

Before that, the chUMps "claim" NCs in 1901, 02, 03, 04, 18, 23, 32, 33 based on a hodge-podge of various organizations that "awarded" national championships, much like all the individual awards handed out at the end of each year today. Other teams also "claim" national championships in those same years. My point here is only that these glory days that chUMps always point to, tirelessly, everyday that I read comments on the web are interesting and historical, but not really relevant in a current football discussion.

They point to these irrelevant "victories" while trying to explain why the Spartans are not "relevant" today (and they toss in that MSU was never and never will be relevant). Readers buy in like sheep as if it is fact and blindly run off the cliff with the weasels.

I tried to find the video highlights of the amazing 1901-1904 chUMps run and it just wasn't available, although I'm sure someone took the video from the dorm window as the teams played in the open space in the court yard on campus (all games, for the most part were required to be played in Ann Arbor).

Let's break down that meat grinder of a schedule in 1904 with 8 of 10 games played at home (chUMps haven't changed much have they?) That College of Physicians and Surgeons game must have a real doozy. Better not look past Ohio State with that American Medical School game on the horizon!


October 1, 1904Case*Regents Field • Ann Arbor, MIW 33–0  
October 5, 1904Ohio Northern*Regents Field • Ann Arbor, MIW 48–0  
October 8, 1904Kalamazoo*Regents Field • Ann Arbor, MIW 95–0  
October 12, 1904College of Physicians & Surgeons (Chicago)*Regents Field • Ann Arbor, MIW 72–0  1,500
October 15, 1904at Ohio State*University Park • Columbus, OHW 31–6  8,000
October 19, 1904American Medical School*Regents Field • Ann Arbor, MIW 72–0  
October 22, 1904West Virginia*Regents Field • Ann Arbor, MIW 130–0  4,000
October 29, 1904at WisconsinRandall Field • Madison, WIW 28–0  11,000
November 5, 1904Drake*Regents Field • Ann Arbor, MIW 36–4  
November 12, 1904ChicagodaggerRegents Field • Ann Arbor, MIW 22–12  13,000
*Non-conference game. daggerHomecoming. All times are in Eastern Time.

This is hilarious.
The chUMps boast of so many undefeated seasons including this one:
Record 1-0
The one game they played? The Toronto Lacrosse Club.

They count all these stupid games in the famed "Most wins in college football history" and "best winning percentage in college football". And the National Sports Media carry their water and regurgitate it. Gimme a break dudes!

This is why we call you chUMps!

That was an unforgettable win against the Peninsular Cricket Club in 1885! 

On second thought, lets not waste any more time on irrelevant football and instead, stick with real football played with real equipment, with real schedules, in real stadiums and broadcast on real radio, TV and recorded on actual video. Go Green.


  1. Great points R2G. I never knew most of that. I'll bet Drake still holds the record for recording the most safeties against the Boo with their 4 point total in 1904. Looking forward to this season. Five in row in my motto this year. The chUMps are hoping for a win or six in a row in all but guaranteed.

    C Mann 75

  2. If UM crushes State this season, all this green bluster dissipates, and UM is right back in the game. State hasn't moved into Top 5 contention yet, and that's the only thing that would shut up the Wal Mart wolverines.

  3. Anonymous - wrong on both counts. chUMps are in and will be "in it". The difference is, the Spartans are not going away. On the second point. Nothing will shut them up. It will always be something.

  4. You failed to mention how many of those early games were actually soccer or rugby. That also is a fact.


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