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Monday, August 27, 2012

DUMP the chUMps Shirt Spotted at Six Flags Park

As the season draws near, DUMP the chUMps picks up steam. Daily visitors have increased ten-fold, already ahead of the peak of last football season.  Since we have not posted a ton of new material, readers are probably visiting to check the One-Stop Spartan Headlines Resource updated real-time at the bottom of the blog page. The DUMP phrase and idea about the t-shirts is spreading. One person is on her second order totaling nine shirts now and we have seen reader comments in major media stories use the terms chUMps when referring to our furry friends who play their home games in the Pig House.

Thank you all for all the new facebook likes and Twitter followers! It all helps the cause to DUMP the chUMps!

Check out these random fun-seekers at SixFlags Great Adventure, including the guy in the DUMP the chUMps shirt. Looks like everyone is having fun, kind of... 

Let's see, if we ran a caption contest for this photo what do you think some contending winners might be? Enter your ideas in the comments section.

What is your photo caption? (Enter in comments)


  1. DUMP the chUMps? How about "DUMP ON the chUMps"?

  2. Three out of four fans believe the
    chUMps will lose their fifth in a
    row to Sparty this year.


  3. Check out the combination of the white t-shirt and the yellow t-shirt in the second row in the photo:
    DUMP the chUMPs...
    ...Every Damn Day!

    That is simply awesome.


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