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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Spartan Resource Adds Shaw Lane Spartans to Headline Resource Center. Sample Here...

The Spartan Resource Center has expanded again! DUMP the chUMps and Spartan Resource now displays, with real time updates, Shaw Lane Spartans Blog most recent posts. SLS has proven to carry good content with a thoughtful delivery.

Just visit and go to the bottom on any page. You will find a whole world of Spartans sports headlines, updated real time from dozens of sources - now, including Shaw Lane Spartans.

Here is a sample of their five most recent posts (as of 8/30/12 afternoon):

Shaw Lane Spartans Blog

Below is a sample of other headline links - always available and always updated real time. Visit all season for your Spartan info-fix any time, everyday: | Michigan State Spartans

MSU Spartans on M-Live

Spartan Shadows Blog on Green and White

The Only Colors Blog

Spartan Nation Blog
And many more, including national sources such as:


Big Ten Network » Michigan State

Any even news on the enemy...

It's easy - just go to one place and it's all there, all the time - and more.
Plus - you get the occasional DUMP the chUMps post while you visit!

[Those who receive the automated email posts will not see these links. You need to go to the site. The actual URL is ]

See the actual list of CURRENT headlines by scrolling to the bottom of the Blog page...


  1. The two most important games of the season:

    1. Boise State
    2. chUMps


  2. Thanks for getting us added. It took a while to iron that RSS issue out.


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