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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spartan Human Interest Stories. Who Knew?

While Delvon Roe sits the bench Sunday waiting for his queue to go to center court and kisses the S - you might appreciate it more after reading this.

A Spartan senior will end his career with the last laugh and a degree. When 4-years old, experts told his parents that he would be able to finish high school and live just fine in a group home. He has a developmental stunting form of autism. Get to know this Spartan before his kisses the S.

When you see Draymond Green kiss the S on Sunday, it might mean more to you if you knew this about him.

The Spartan football staff's pay ranked #11 in Big Ten before recent raises. Dantonio springs huge gift to promote "family" in the program and loyalty to Michigan State.

Here is an update on the most important personnel issue for Spartan Football in 2012.

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