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Friday, March 16, 2012

chUMps get dUMped by Their Own Insult

chUMps coaches and players use the GREEN and WHITE of OHIO as an insult toward Ohio State.
OHIO turns disrespect back on chUMps by dUMping them in first chUMps game of Big Dance.

Can JB or The Hokemeister ever refer to The Ohio State University as OHIO again? What does it say about them if they stop? What does it say about them if their players and even professional coaches continue their childish game of refusing to refer to Big Ten Institution by their actual name?

Using a Mid American Conference Institution as a way to insult their rival reveals them for who they are; chUMps!

And OHIO has exposed them for all to see.

Once again however, they luck out. With Duke losing, the nation will be talking about Duke losing and the Missouri loss. It kind of reminds me of when Ed Martin died in jail along with all his dirty little secrets about the cheating chUMps basketball program.

Note: We, as fans, use "chUMps" on this site as a way to counter balance the illusion the Michigan media machine has created about their athletic program. We also use it a fun way of sparing with them. If ever the term catches hold among Spartan Nation, you will never hear MSU coaches or players use it when referring to the University of Michigan - let alone 100% of the time - all in unison, across multiple sports as if orchestrated in some way. OK, I know the OHIO thing was orchestrated. So what do they do now? Remind everyone of this game every time they do it or discontinue the practice, basically admitting they were being chUMps?

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